"Why  did you kill me?
       I was just riding my bike with a friend from work, enjoying an early fall, Florida Day. You know, taking in the sights and smells you can only get
       on a motorcycle, I was almost home.  Now I'll never see it again, never smell the fresh cut grass or the roses it took us so long to get to grow.
       Were you in such a hurry to get to your home that my life didn't matter? 
       I was really looking forward to my beautiful wife getting home from her trip tomorrow.  I hope she knows how much I love her.

I wonder if your loved ones know you are a killer? 
       Wasn't my honorable service to my country enough reason to let me live?
       What are my kids going to do without a daddy?  I guess one things for sure, I'll never get to spoil my grand kids.
( Wrutten By  Layne "Mr Pigge" Smith Lake County ABATE Vice President )