When you become a member of ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC. you are helping make a difference in the ongoing mission to protect your right to ride and enjoy the motorcycle of your choice, your choice of riding apparel, and when and where you can ride a motorcycle. These are issues that are real and present in today’s “protect yourself from yourself” political environment. This holds true for all levels of government.  There will always be those who see our love for motorcycling as a negative and will try any means to control and if possible prohibit motorcycle use.

On the local level our members get out the vote and support candidates who are sympathetic to our issues. We have helped candidates across the state who in some cases faced formidable opponents, yet still won. We also will endeavor to lobby local governments whenever there are issues that need to be addressed, affecting local motorcycle use, ownership, and any discrimination that may result from said use of ownership

At the state level we have a paid registered lobbyist who regularly visits our state capital in Tallahassee to lobby our legislators on the issues concerning the motorcycling public in Florida. He also finds reliable House and Senate sponsors for the bills we support.

On the national level we are aligned with Motorcycle Riders Foundations (MRF), and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), along with several other international motorcycle rights organizations (MRO’s).

As one can see we have our ear to the ground and our resolve tempered like steel. As Americans we have had it demonstrated to us time and again the vigilance is armor of free men and women. We shall not let the armor rust or weaken. With your support we can re-enforce and strengthen the armor for now and generations to come.

What else do you get with your membership?

All members receive with their paid membership, the
Masterlink <masterlink/index.php>  Newsletter, Membership Card, Event Discounts and Updates, Voting Privileges, Free Masterlink Classified Advertisements, a Chapter Newsletter, and a free $4,000 Accidental Death or Dismemberment Insurance Policy from the American Income Life Insurance Company (more information here <pdf_documents/$4kbenefitLetter.pdf>).
Memberships are open to anyone 18 years of age or older, no matter what type of motorcycle you ride, if any at all!